Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

My kids are really excited to be staying with Grandpa and Grandma this year for Christmas. We have a fake tree we use every year, but we get to go and cut a real one down at their house!! Here we are finding the perfect tree and decorating it later that night. Marcus came up to me when we were done with a string of lights wrapped around him and told me he was a Christmas tree - so, I plugged him in!! Merry Christmas!

The Long Awaited New Moon Premiere

Again, way behind on posting on my blog!! Aahh!! Here are the pics from the New Moon premiere. Rene, you can stop reading now and go to the next post!! If you know me then you know I had a marvelous time. It was so worth waiting in line outside for an hour and then waiting in the theater for another two hours. It was worth listening to the teenagers behind me get into a screaming match with the mom next to them because she wanted them to be quiet! Hello, we had like hours to wait and they're teenagers for pete's sake!! We had their backs though because they let us watch Twilight outside with them when we were all waiting in line. They nicknamed us their "Hot Mama's". Only because one of them referred to me as Ma'am and I about had a heart attack. I am so not old enough to be a Ma'am. Well, I probably am but I'm in denial. So, they made me feel better by calling us the "Hot Mama's"!! Sweet girls.

Anyhoo, had a great time visiting with Clarissa and Heidi and Susie while we waited and then we watched the movie. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!! Obviously - since I've seen it four times already and will be going for my fifth time tomorrow!! Oh, and after seeing this movie I have totally switched teams. I was all about Edward in Twilight, but Jacob has now won my heart in New Moon. We'll have to wait and see if I can be flipped back when Eclipse comes out in June!!

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful as these three movie posters together?

The "Hot Mama's"

Me and Clarissa

And me and Clarissa's tongues!!