Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun In The Sun

The kids were outside "playing" in the sprinkler today and I couldn't help but grab a few shots because they were cracking me up with their umbrella. Sadly, the poor umbrella didn't make it through the day, but they sure had fun with it while it lasted!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marcus Says The Darndest Things

As I was watching me some Access Hollywood this evening to keep up to date on the latest buzz, this is what I hear from the bathroom:

Marcus: "Mom, mom, come on, check it out!!"

Mom: "Check what out?"

Marcus: "Come here!!"

I then proceeded to the bathroom where my son happily showed me his poop and then said

"It's pizza!!"

Because that's what he had for dinner the night before. Aahh, at least he understands that what goes in one end comes out the other!! Boys are so gross.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Papa!!

Happy Father's Day Papa!! We love you!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bike Riding

I don't really remember how I learned to ride a bike. I'm sure one of my brothers taught me. So, we decided it was past time that we took off Raquel's training wheels and taught her how to ride her bike. Let's just say my girl is a princess and we aren't quite there yet. There was a lot of "crying" with no tears and a lot of stopping and putting our feet down. She of course got frustrated because it didn't come easy, but we told her she just has to keep trying and she'll get it eventually. I made Todd teach her because in my mind bike riding and swimming are just things that daddies are supposed to teach their kids. Todd is overly thrilled I can assure you!! Here are some pics of our first lesson!!

Last Day of School

Wednesday was our last day of school and I am so excited!! Not because Raquel will be home because her and Marcus fight like cats and dogs, but because I am not on a schedule of any kind!! No more dropping off and picking up and buckling and unbuckling seatbelts a million times a day!! Yay!! Well, I shouldn't say no schedule, because we did come up with a summer schedule we are going to try to stick to just so mommy can have some sanity. It involves limiting our TV time (because my kids will just plant themselves there all summer if I let them) and especially having some quiet time each day (that's for mommy). Raquel was pretty bummed out because she won't be going back to her school next year, she'll be going to a different one (long story short, first grade was full in the school she should have attended so she went to a different school this year and then has to go back to her original school next year). So, I surprised her with a little school's out party when she got home on Wednesday to cheer her up. I got her balloons and a little gift and made cupcakes and we just had fun the rest of the day. The best part was when she came up to me hours later with a smile and told me thank you for her party. Raquel did really well in first grade and got all 4's on her report card (that's the highest you can get). Good job Raquel!! Todd reminded me to enjoy the summer break because the dropping off and picking up will only be worse in the fall when Raquel is in school all day and Marcus starts half day preschool!! Ugh.
Last day pictures!!

Our School's Out Party!!

Raigan and Marcus really enjoyed the cupcakes!!


I'm going to whine here for a minute, so if you don't want to hear it you might want to scroll down!! I just have to get this off my chest and then I won't talk about it anymore!! We just finished our first year of all day school and Raquel had a blast and thrived a great deal. That isn't my issue. My issue is the extent of parent involvement that seeems to be expected at school these days. I can remember my parents coming to a school activity maybe a couple of times a year, like Christmas parties or band concerts, that was it. And did I survive, yes, did I feel neglected, never!! I can't even count the number of things that went on at Raquel's school this year and boy, oh boy, did I ever get the whining and the crying when I would tell her I couldn't come. I tried to explain to her that I still have little kids at home and coming to activites a couple of times a week was too much because all I would be doing was chasing Marcus and Raigan around the room and trying to keep them out of stuff. So, guess what - I didn't go to the fifty thousand during school and after school things that the school put on and I am tired of feeling bad about it!! Don't get me wrong, I want to be as involved in the education of my children as possible, but seriously, do we have to have a poetry reading in the middle of the day that my daughter says I must attend!! We did the big stuff, Christmas program, Valentine's dance, etc. But come on now, why does there have to be all this extra stuff that makes it really hard for us moms at home with other kids to attend and then we feel super bad for the kid in school, like we're letting them down or we don't care enough because we do, but just not every stinkin' week!! Okay, I feel better now. And I don't even want to hear it from all you super awesome moms who can do everything. I'm doing the best I can do and if that means I don't make it to every activity the school can dream up these days, then I just don't. Wow, after reading this back I think I had a real issue there. I just hate to see my girl disappointed. Now, on to funner posts!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marcus' 4th Birthday

Aahh, how time flies when you are having fun. Haven't posted for a bit because can I just tell you my family has NEVER been so sick since we moved to Spokane!! Ever since January it seems like one or all of us has had something. Strep throat, head colds, flu bugs, throwing up, soar throats, high fevers, and on and on and on. We are all finally well today and just got over the worst head cold I can ever remember having. Let's just say that my children who have never, ever had medicine before were introduced to children's tylenol over the last few months. Shocking for some of you to hear that, yes, but I must confess it has happened. They are no longer pure. My sweet husband will forgive me one of these days!! Anyhoo, enough of my whining and let's get on to my Marcus turning four!!

We've had a family filled, busy, hectic few weeks, but it is always worth it because we love our family!! Nicholas flew in to see us from Utah for a week and my parents drove over, so we were all together to celebrate Marcus' birthday. We went to movies, out to dinner, played games and just had fun together. I think I will forever remember this birthday for Marcus because he was just so excited. I went and got him a big ol' balloon bouquet the morning of his birthday and his reaction when I walked in the front door was priceless. He was flipping out he was so excited over balloons!! So sweet. He just loved every minute of it - from the opening of presents, to the cake and singing Happy Birthday. The innocence of youth is so special.

Now, I know it's customary to brag unceasingly about our kids on their birthdays and so I will. Marcus is just so dear to me. To be honest, we didn't really get along for the first few years of his life. I kid you not. He preferred his daddy over his mommy in the beginning and I can remember carrying him out of sacrament meeting more than once and he was just a kickin' and a screamin' for his daddy. Aahh, good memories. But all that has changed now and he is totally his momma's boy. Good thing too because both my girls adore their daddy. At least I get one, huh?! Anyhoo, Marcus has his challenges, but it endears him to me all the more. He still has a hard time with his speech and he doesn't like to be in big groups of people, it makes him nervous, and the Jarman temper he inherited kicks in big time quite often - so we're pushing through the hard things and I know we'll be better for it one day. The kid still makes me tear up every time I hear him say out of the blue - I love you mom. I just love my boy and I wouldn't want him any other way. Happy Birthday Marcus!!

The Balloons!!

Seeing Up! with Grandma & Papa!!

Presents and Cake

Eating out at The Old Country Buffet

And we're exhausted at the end of the day!!