Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Kids

Found these two on the couch one morning before Christmas. They were both totally asleep. So cute!!

Marcus - All Tied Up

During the Christmas break my kids all had "Quiet Time" just so mommy wouldn't go crazy. You can all relate I'm sure. Apparently one quiet time Raquel and Marcus weren't exactly laying in bed reading books like they were supposed to be. Raquel had to get up to be somewhere that day and Marcus had already fallen asleep. So, I didn't go in and check on him for awhile. Once I did I found him tied up to his sister's scarf that was looped through the top bunk while he was fast asleep on the bottom bunk. I guess they had been playing and he was the bad guy and his sister just forgot to untie him when she had to leave. Poor guy. How he'll ever make it with two sisters!! And of course, being the good mom that I am, I had to take a picture before I untied the poor guy!!

Candy Trains

We used to make these when we were kids and my sister said we absolutely had to make these candy trains at Christmas this year. I can't remember whose was whose, but they all turned out pretty cute. Can we all say sugar overload?

Christmas 2009

Hello family and friends! I am guilty of blog neglect yet again. I can't believe I only posted twice in November and in December! Yikes! I will blame it on Facebook again and a little tv show called Criminal Minds. My mom is a huge fan of the show and I gave her the first season on dvd for Christmas. There was nothing on tv to watch, so I thought I would watch Criminal Minds to see if I liked it and I was hooked. Zipped through the first season and then borrowed the next three from my girlfriend Vonda. I have been ignoring everything, including my family, because I am so hooked on this show!! I just finished a few days ago and now I'm dying for season five to come out on dvd - not until this fall most likely! Aahh! And I have a tv crush. It's okay, my husband knows about it. Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and if you've seen the show, you know. He's all dorky smartness rolled into one yummy nerd and I'm crushing on him big time right now. Anyhoo, that is the reason for my long break between posts!!
We had a great holiday. My sister and Nicholas came up from Utah to celebrate the holidays with us. We had a good time fighting and playing games and fighting and going to the movies and fighting. :) I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to decorate with all my Christmas stuff this year because it's still all packed in Spokane. Oh well, next year I'll probably get it out at the beginning of November because I didn't get to this year!!
Santa & The Kids @ Ward Christmas Party
Christmas Morning

Now, I have to explain the next few pics. And yes, Nicholas - I AM putting them on the blog!! Every year since I can remember I ask Nicholas over and over again what he wants for Christmas and he can never give me an answer. I have thus threatened every year that I will buy him pink girl underwear if he doesn't give me at least one idea. Well, this year was no different so I decided to finally follow through on my threat! Yes, I did!! So, I bought him some pretty pink underwear with gift cards taped into the crotch. What? Did you think I would give him only undewear? There was a present, he just had to look for it!! It was ha-la-rious! I don't know why I waited so long to do it. I bet next year he'll give me some ideas, won't he?!?