Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

Well, we are almost done packing and loading everything into a storage unit. Since we don't have any idea where we will end up we didn't want to move it all twice, so it will just stay put until Todd gets a job. I'm really tired!! Nothing too exciting to share except for some tidbits.

1. I was on the computer this morning emailing my sister-in-law and I heard Raigan in the bathroom. She REALLY likes to flush the toilet and I heard her in there flushing away. After the second time she flushed I heard hands splashing in water. I ran into the bathroom thinking she would have her hands in the toilet. Did she? Nope. She had a cup in her hands and she was drinking the water from the toilet with it. Aahh!! At least it was clean toilet water, right?

2. Even though we fogged our house and set out tons of spider traps I think the spiders are winning. They are even starting to venture up the stairs which they have NEVER done before. I think they might be mad at us and are launching a counter attack. I'm really not kidding when I tell you they are big and fast and hairy and now apparently, they are pissed off!! Run for your lives!! Hopefully we can make it a few more days. Enjoy the pics of the ones we have defeated. And yes, these were two separate traps!!

3. I really, really, really love my family and Todd's family. Both my parents and Todd's parents are so willing to help us in our time of need and they are so incredibly supportive in so many ways. We have each also had siblings who have offered to help us as well and it is so appreciated. This is an incredibly humbling experience, but we are thankful for it and how it will only make us better people. It would seem to most that we have had a bit of "bad luck" the last few years, but we are going on the perspective that we are being taught and guided by our Heavenly Father and we need not fear. We will come out on the other end of this better people than when we started.

Those are my thoughts for today. Have fun!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye Party!!

My girls here in Spokane all got together Tuesday night and took me out to TGIFriday's for dinner to say goodbye. We had so much fun and we were that incredibly loud obnoxious table that is at every restaurant you go to!! We laughed so much my face hurt when I got home. It didn't help of course that they told our waitress that it was my birthday (which it wasn't) so the waiters came out and sang to me while wishing me a happy 21st birthday!! 21, yeah right! I think the waitress was vying for a good tip because when I told her I was almost 34 she acted like she couldn't believe it. I told her I had the kids to prove it and she was still flabbergasted. She said I totally didn't look it. Bless her heart and yes, she got a good tip from all my ladies since they wouldn't let me pay!! Thank you guys and I will miss you so much!!

Silly Raigan

Armitage's have an adorable dog appropriately named Bella that Raigan just fell in love with. She followed her all over the house while we were there and at one point wanted to do her hair. It was pretty entertaining to watch. Bella kept moving away from her and Raigan just followed wielding her spray bottle and comb!! Run Bella, Run!!

This is Raigan's pose for every picture I take. I say cheese and she gets all squishy faced. Good thing she's so cute when she does it!! Todd is too, huh!!

This is her hiding from the paparazzi look and then, oh, no, they've found me!!

This is just cuteness!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching Up

Been a busy few weeks, so I thought I would play catch up all in one post. Hang on this could get long!! First of all, I just have to say - I HATE PACKING!! It really is no fun at all and for all you constant movers out there I don't know how you do it. Other than laundry, it might be my least favorite thing to do. Ugh. Oh well, it has to be done. Now for the fun stuff. My sister flew in from Utah weekend before last to visit my family while she was on a break from school. My parents drove over to see her as well and we just had a great time. My kids were so excited to go to the airport and pick her up, so we made these signs for them to hold. They're so silly!!

She stayed for a week and we had fun just all being together. We of course had to go to the Old Country Buffet because my parents have made that a tradition whenever they come to visit. Raquel was really excited because she is a huge meat eater and couldn't wait to get her hands on some ribs!!

We also went to the movies, played at the park, went shopping, and played lots and lots of games. It was also really nice to go to the temple a few times while they were all here. Todd and I and my dad did a session together and then later in the week Todd and my dad and Lindsey did baptisms. It was a really nice visit and I just love being around my family. My sister has to be one of the coolest people I know and I love being with her. She inspires me to be a better me.

The day after all my family left we took off for Tri-Cities to visit our dearest friends in the whole wide world - The Armitage Family!! We got there Friday afternoon and ditched all our kids for some grown up time. We went out to eat and then went and saw The Time Traveler's Wife. Clint's pick if you can believe it. He really wanted to see it and was actually really emotional through the whole movie. It was quite touching. I think he cried more than Kate and I did. Aaww!! Saturday was non-stop fun. We got slurpees at the store that sells the most slurpees in the whole U.S. (that was a highlight!!) We went to the park and had lunch at Taco Bell. Then we went bowling and I kicked butt. What was my score again? I think it was well over 200. After bowling Kate and I ditched everyone for some girl time at the craft store. Then we went back and ordered pizzas and played games until Todd got cranky cuz he was tired, or losing, I can't remember which. Sunday we hung out until church - 1pm, yuck - then just went to sacrament meeting before we headed home. Raquel and Allie were having such fits about having to leave each other that we decided to let them win and we left Raquel there for this whole week!! She's been having so much fun she barely remembers to call me at the end of the day. Anyway, we've had a fun filled couple of weeks with family and friends and now it's back to packing and getting all ready for our move. We'll be seeing some of you really soon!!

Kate and I and our mini-me's!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Okay, so here's the latest. Todd still hasn't found a job. Unemployment benefits are at least six weeks out in coming because they are so overloaded and busy. We have never been able to be the people who can afford to just put away money for times like these since we have always lived paycheck to paycheck. So, thankfully we have family that we can lean upon until Todd finds a job. We will be moving back to Chehalis at the end of this month to stay with my parents until Todd can find work. We are sad to have to leave Spokane, but there really is no other option at this point and we really feel that after a lot of prayer and fasting and temple attending that the Lord is pointing us this way because it is the smartest choice. We will be able to cut our expenses dramatically by staying with family and give Todd the time to find something that will work for the long term. And moving before school starts will be easier. My kids are ecstatic to be staying with Grandma and Papa again, but not for too long this time so as not to become a burden. Still keep us in your prayers that we can find work soon!! We love you all and Chehalis - here we come - again!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Favorites

Apparently you all like being hokey, so I thought I would try another one. Tell me what your favorite sound is? Mine - the sound of a soda bottle being opened. The hiss, fuzz, aaahhh. . . .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Calling All Favorites!!

I know this is kinda hokey, but the weather totally changed in Spokane this evening from being unbearably hot for I forget how many weeks to being cloudy, with some lightning and thunder, and some downpours of rain. I opened all the windows and just listened to it pour and then the breeze would waft through and give me the best smell ever - fresh rain!! I love it!! So, may I pose this question to all of you - what is your favorite smell ever?!? Only tell me one, so choose which of all the smells on this earth you love the most. Mine is rain!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spiders - Yuck!!

Spokane has spiders. Big spiders. And I hate them!! We started seeing them last summer, only in the basement. Then of course nothing during the fall, winter or spring and I thought they weren't going to be so bad this summer until about a week ago. They are everywhere downstairs. Never seen one upstairs, but there is at least one screaming fit a day at my house because someone has spotted a spider and wants me to come and get it. The only problem is that I am scared too!! They are big and hairy and scary fast!! Two nights ago I was putting Marcus and Raquel to bed and one came scurrying out of its hiding spot and right up the wall next to their bunkbeds. Yeah, they both slept upstairs that night. And we decided to go on the defensive the next day. We bought spider traps and last night we sealed off our downstairs and made everyone sleep upstairs and we bombed the heck out of our basement. Hopefully we have the upper hand, but time will tell. Meanwhile, I've finally got my kids back in their beds with the promise that daddy killed all the spiders last night. Here are some of our casulties. Gross.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Raigan, Raigan, Raigan

So, I have never had to take any of my kids to the emergency room. Everyone please knock on wood right now. I have no idea how I have avoided that, but it is true. I think Raigan is going to do her best to see that we end up there before too long. The kid can not take two steps without tripping over something and falling down!! Now, granted, she is a bit pigeon-toed, but come on!! This week alone she has hurt herself three times and I'm thinking it is only a matter of time before I find myself in the emergency room waiting area.

Her first accident was tripping on her way to the couch and falling face first into the edge of the couch only just with her nose!! I don't know how to tell if it's broken or not, but she now has these two little weird lines on her nose and they've been there for the whole week. I would think if it was broken she would have cried for a lot longer, but I dunno. She didn't get black eyes or anything, but she was so pale for quite awhile after it happened. So, we'll count that as accident number one - possible broken nose.

Accident number two was Saturday when of course, I was home alone with the kids. She was running through the house with Marcus and believe it or not she tripped, again, only this time her face made contact with my solid oak hope chest. Ouch. This one was the worst. Blood everywhere and screaming and crying and yup, teeth through the lip. Of course, it wasn't as bad as it first seemed when all the blood was pouring out, but she sure did a doozy!! The cut just under her mouth closed up almost instantly, but she is sporting one dizzy of a fat lip and the inside is just gross and I swear her gums above her teeth looked bruised. How is that even possible? Accident number two - teeth through lip, fat lip, bruised gums.

And drum roll for number three. Just this afternoon she decided to close the bifold doors on the coat closet which I must say I have warned her about countless times and yup, you guessed it, all four of her little baby fingers smashed in the doors by her own doing. More wailing and crying and gnashing of teeth!! Accident number three - smashed fingers.

The kid is gonna do me in. No worries though. We'll be going in for our well child check up to discuss the nose, the lip, and talk about fixing those feet so we can WALK without falling down!! I don't think you can appreciate the grossness in these pics, but it's kinda hard to get an 18 month old to show you her inside lip. She sure is cute though, even with her big fat lip!!