Sunday, October 18, 2009

Funny Pics

I know we all say we should just give our kids the boxes for Christmas because that seems like all they ever play with, but I'm seriously considering actually doing it with Marcus this year! He put this together all by himself one day and wore it the rest of the day. Said he was a robot.
Daddy's Little Girl

Seeing Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs in 3-D!!

Raquel's Baptism

Where has the time gone? I just can't believe my "baby" girl was baptized!! It seems like just yesterday that she was as little as Raigan and now she is turning into a lovely young lady. Here she is going to her baptismal interview with her daddy by her side. No worries though, because I gave her the all the answers before she left. Yes, yes, no, no, yes, yes, no.
And here she is this past Saturday at her baptism. It turned out to be a wonderful day for everyone. Todd's parents drove up from California and that made her day even more special. The weather didn't cooperate very much, considering the torrential downpour that we had all morning, but we managed to keep that white dress clean! And her dress turned out AMAZING!! My sweet mother was literally working on it until the night before her baptism, but it turned out awesome. And a special thank you to Margo who made her tear drop pearl earrings for her to wear. Everything went well and Todd's mom gave a great talk before her baptism and everyone loved the video that Uncle Neil sent of one of his songs he sings with his band After the Storm. We had so much love and support from family and friends and we really appreciate all of you!! Thank you to my girlfriends who brought desserts to share at the last minute!! It was a fantastic day that I know we will all remember and we spent the rest of the weekend playing games and spending time with our family. I am so proud of my sweet Raquel and her decision to get baptized!!

Seriously, my hair is driving me insane. Can we say helmet hair? Help. Oh well . . .

Raquel with her Grandpa & Grandma Jarman

Raquel with her Grandpa & Grandma Shelton

Raquel with Lavonda & Annie

One last little tidbit. Funniest moment of the day was my sweet Marcus. He was so excited about Raquel getting baptized and he kept talking about the water. Right before we started he leans over to Todd and whispers, "Dad, dunk Raquel!" and then starts giggling. He thought it was going to be like a swimming pool party I guess. Totally cracked us up right before we needed to be reverent. Thanks Marcus!!

Pumpkin Patch

I know, I know - I haven't blogged in over a month!! Yikes!! I will admit that I have been facebooking too much and have neglected my blog, but I have also had nothing to blog about until recently! So, last Saturday our dear friends Lavonda and Annie and Melissa took our kids to this amazing pumpking patch that they take them to every year. It has become a tradition for our kids to get their pumpkins for Halloween with them and they love it!! They have pumpkins and animals and yummy food and my kids just have a blast there. Here they are picking their pumpkins and feeding the goats and even takin' a ride on the mini carousel!! I love fall and everything that comes along with it! Thanks Lavonda and Annie and Melissa!! You're the best!