Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raigan's 1st Birthday!!

I know, I know - I haven't posted in a while! I'm sorry!! I've had company for the last two weekends, so now I'll catch everyone up. I really can't believe a year ago I was pushing out this almost ten pound baby!! Where does the time go? Since it seems to be the norm to brag about our children when we post about their birthdays I shall not disappoint!! These are some tidbits about my girl Raigan:
1. She came out ten pounds and has never looked back. The girl can eat Marcus under the table every meal and I'm pretty sure she has a food radar. If you are anywhere with food she will find you and stand in front of you screaming at you until you give her some. I do not jest.

2. She has a very sweet personality although I do sense a mischievious side lurking very near the surface. Example, we were grocery shopping at Walmart today and she wanted to hold something so I handed her the bottle of syrup. She somehow figured out how to unscrew the lid, yes I said unscrew the lid, and pull of the little tab underneath and pour out the syrup onto herself before I even realized what was going on!! I wish I was kidding!! Let's just say we were a little sticky and so were our groceries by the time we left!!

3. She is absolutely 100% in love with her daddy, it's sickening at times. We have affectionately nicknamed him her "Beloved". He hates it. Once he arrives home from work I no longer exist.

4. She is the mini version of Raquel in every way. They look so much alike. My sister-in-law sent me some old pictures of Raquel that she had taken and I seriously thought they were Raigan when I first looked at them. Kinda creepy sometimes!!

5. Her smile makes me smile even when I want to cry.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Superstars of Dance

Just a little note on this show. It can be a bit cheezy, but I love all dancing shows so I watch it anyways. The judge from Russia is HILARIOUS. I mean, seriously HILARIOUS. It's on Monday nights. Just check it out to hear his comments before he posts his score. The guy is killing me with his quick wit.

New Ward

This past weekend we had Stake Conference and we are now in a new ward!! They had announced two Sundays before that a new ward was being added to our Stake and all would be divulged at the adult session of Stake Conference. As you can imagine, speculations and gossiping ensued for the next two weeks until conference. And there were so many people at the Saturday session that they had to overflow them to another building in our stake and televise it so everyone could attend!! Crazy. My dear girlfriends Kim and Allie assured me that we would not be affected (we live only houses away from one another) and that we would most likely stay in our ward and just get some other families from other wards. Nope!! They threw that map up on the big screen and I think every ward in our Stake has changed and we are now going to a different ward!! Fun!Fun! Thankfully there are quite a few families that we have gotten to know that will also be moving to the new ward so we don't have to completely start over getting to know our ward! We just moved here in July for heaven's sake! I was just sorting out who everyone in Pines ward was and now I'll have to start over in Belle Terre ward! I am kinda bummed that some of my girlfriends are now in two other different wards, but I'm sure we'll still get together for our playdates and chitt-chatting!! And hey, new ward, no callings for a bit so we can just go to church and not have any other responsibilites right now, right?!? I'll keep you posted on the transition. The best part is that Todd will be at a chiropractic seminar this weekend and I will be going to our new ward by myself with the kids. Great first impression we'll make I'm sure! LOL!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


My sweet Raigan is turning one this month and she is changing from a sweet baby into trouble. And I say that with love, but I have noticed the past two weeks that she is going to give her parents a run for their money. Usually when I tell her no not to touch something she will stop and crawl away. Now that she is "walking" along all the furniture she has discovered some new independence or something because when I say no now, she just smiles this wicked smile at me and then does it anyway!! This one is definitely going to be trouble. Todd says it's because she has her mother's blue eyes and therefore her mother's personality. Time will tell . . . .

My Girls - Aren't They Beautiful?!?

Marcus & The Water Dispenser

While I was at my parents for Christmas my son discovered that he didn't need any help getting a drink. In fact, he didn't even need a cup. When I first caught him doing this I reprimanded him and wouldn't let him do it. Then, he just kept at it and we all got such a kick out of it that we just let him drink like this for the rest of the time we were there. The pic is a bit blurry, but I think you can see his creative way to quench his thirst.

Girls Night Out

While I was home for Christmas I got together with all my ladies. We had dinner at Applebee's and went and saw Marley & Me (sad, don't go see it) and just had a great time. And yes, that is Janell in a shopping cart at WalMart. I bring out the crazy in that lady I tell ya'!! I miss all of you already!! Happy New Year!!

The Hardest Job In The World

If you know me then you know that parenting has got to be the HARDEST thing in the world for me. I always thought I would be a great mom and have a ton of kids because my mom is amazing and she had a ton of kids, so naturally I would be the same, right? Wrong. After I had my first I quickly found out it's not as fun as all the pretty pictures they paint for you when you're growing up. Strangely enough I've popped out two more!! Aahh!! Now, I know there are those of you who love all this parenting crap and you're quite good at it, but there are a few of us who, while we know we are supposed to have kids, find it to be one of our challenges in life to deal with everything that comes at us in the kid department. Tonight is a perfect example. Let me set the scene for you.

We just got back from Christmas vacation at my parents house, where I might add, my children are spoiled endlessly because Grandma doesn't EVER tell them no. While unpacking from our trip we just put all the kids' new toys from Christmas in their room. They've been playing with all their new stuff for the last few days and enjoying themselves. Well, tonight I asked them to go to their room (Raquel and Marcus share) and simply pick up all their toys and put them in a bin. Didn't matter which bin, just find a spot and get everything up off the floor. After listening to Raquel yell at her brother to clean and Marcus cry because it was "too hard" for 15 minutes, I went in to encourage them to work together. They did that by getting in a pushing match which I will admit my little Marcus appeared to win. Well, that did it. I snapped. They both got sent to bed early admist cries and whines, oh and some screaming too. Normally, I would be really upset and questioning my role as mother and how much I suck because I can't even get my kids to clean up their room. But tonight, as I sit at the computer listening to them talk to each other in bed I can't help but crack up.

They are at this very moment crying profusely for their Grandma and their Papa. Marcus is begging to get in the car to go to their house. Raquel is reminding him that they live six hours away so they can't go there. Again, more crying for Grandma and Papa only a little louder. Now, Raquel is kindly telling her brother that it is basically all his fault that they are in bed a whole half an hour early!! If only he had helped clean up the toys!! And Marcus is claiming he has to go potty. He uses that one every time they get sent to bed because he knows I don't want him to wet the bed. And he actually goes, so he must have the ability to conjure up urine at will!! They're calming down a bit now. Only some quite whimpering for their beloved Grandma and Papa. I swear, you would think I was actually abusing them!! Nope, just asked them to pick up their toys. The joys of motherhood. Wow, that was an oxymoron. Hey mom, if my kids show up on your doorstep in a few days you'll know why - I made them clean their room and they ran away!! (Actually, they didn't even clean their room - it's still a mess and they're in bed!! Somehow I don't think I won this battle!!) Enjoy the picture of my little angels. And don't get me started on Raigan. That girl has mischief in her eyes. . . .