Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello Again/Apology

Hello again blogging world! I have been neglecting my blog something fierce and boy have I been hearing about it! Never fear! I have returned! Before I get on to all the fun stuff my family has been doing this year I must take care of something else first. If you followed my blog last year you probably read an incredibly cruel post I wrote directed to members of my family. I owe an apology to my entire family, most especially to my brother Kirk and my sister-in-law Laurie. It was very wrong of me to attack them verbally in so public a forum. We have since met, worked through many of our issues that had been lingering between us for years and forgiven one another. I must admit, I was pretty turned off from blogging because I had turned my blog into something ugly and mean. And it was all my own doing. So now, it is time to forgive and forget and get back to what blogging is really all about - bragging about what our kids are doing, right?!? So now I will attempt to catch up on what we have been doing this year so far. I think we will go with the short version since I haven't posted anything since January!!