Sunday, July 25, 2010


Raquel was in her first play at school! It was Rumplestilskin and she was one of the villagers with a speaking part!! She was so excited and practiced so hard and did SO good at her performance. Never a prouder mama was there!! I forsee this as the first of many since if you know my Raquel you know she has a flair for the dramatics!! And the Oscar goes to . . . .

I also just have to share this awesome Family Home Evening lesson we did this month. My husband is going to kill me for putting these out into the world, but it was such a great lesson and he did such a good job! We had decided to do chore charts and have a lesson on helping mom and dad around the house and being responsible for cleaning up our own things, etc. Well, I found this hilarious poem on one of my favorite websites - - and I somehow convinced my sweet husband to dress up like an old woman and come into the room as I was reading the poem to my kids. You know, so they would always remember the lesson we had on chores with the "old lady". It went over pretty well except for Marcus couldn't stop laughing and Raigan didn't recognize her daddy and started to cry and wouldn't go anywhere near him!! Aahh, these teaching moments we can treasure for all of our lives, right?!? Here's a link to the story and Todd will forgive me eventually for his dress up pictures!!

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