Sunday, July 25, 2010


June was a busier month. The kids were done with school so all the fun could start! Marcus turned 5!! And can I just say, what a difference a year makes. For those of you who don't know my sweet boy, he has had his challenges. Most noticeably his speech has been delayed and he is just not a "typical" boy in some ways. Not super sociable and sometimes just likes to be by himself and do his own thing. This past year in preschool has done wonders for him. His speech improved dramatically and his independence as well. I was so nervous for him at first, but he had no problems riding a bus to and from school and doing what his teachers asked. Leaps and bounds he has improved and I am ever so thankful to his two preschool teachers who have helped him so much in his start to school. He was even the best one in class at writing his name by the end of the year, which was awesome because when he started he didn't even recognize his own name!! Anyhoo, I couldn't be prouder of him and I've definitely come to realize something as a mother - all of my kids are SO different and no one can put them into a "box" or force them to be a supposed "norm". It's totally ok to be different, to think different and to embrace it!! Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!

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RR said...

Traci..speaking of "norm" my SNL is doing a grad program in school psychology and I had her test Olivia for practice. Funny story..her verbal skills and ability to memorize are off the chart BUT..the little miss doesn't play well with others..surprise surprise..

Love ya..when we doing a halfie?